Hello Lovely!

I'm Lucress, your Empowerment & Relationship Coach. I help women to turn their pain into power!

Sometimes, life doesn't work out the way we envisioned it. Things are going well and then one day it takes a turn from bad to worse with no sign of hope on the horizon. Sound familiar?
I have helped women experiencing turbulence in their relationships and life to go from:
  1. Breaking Up to Breaking Through
  2. Confused to Confident
  3. Fear to Faith
  4. Bitter to Better
  5. Panic to Peace
  6. Lack to Abundance
  7. Bound to Free

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Relationship Program:

"Don't Break Up! Break Through"

Identify Your Personal Truth

Controlling Emotions

Effective Communication

Setting Boundaries

Personalized Peace Plan

"Before I worked with Lucress, I was not  stable in my marriage, faith or finances. Lucress was a beacon of light in not only my marriage but she helped me with stabilizing my family.


I was bitter about the issues in my marriage but Lucress showed me that there are so many other avenues to take outside of bitterness like love and peace. As a result, I put my big girl pants on and was empowered by Lucress to stand up  for myself.


I am a homeowner now and I give back to others. Lucress was a cushion for me when times were hard. She is one of the most down-to-earth, God-fearing, humanitarian, positive persons on the planet who wants to see everyone be better than they are.


She helps in anyway that she can. She sets the example for who a wife and mother should be. She helped me to reach my goals. I never really knew if she had issues in her home because she was fully focused on me and my family's well being. She is a beacon of light, hope and mercy."

-Toni Cheri Burgos, VA, Certified Nursing Assistiant


Hello Lovely!

I Am Your Empowerment & Relationship Coach

and Elevation Strategist

God governs my life and has revealed many life lessons. There are six that have stuck with me and are the pillars of my success:

1.  If you plan it, then it will happen

2. You'll regret it if you don't at least give it your best shot.

3.  You'll get it done quicker if you stop complaining.

4.  Use fear as your compass and you'll get to your destination.

5. Meet people where they are but don't live there with them.

6.  Your success is right on the other side of being fed up!

These are the pillars that are the foundation of my coaching and have enabled me to develop customized strategies for women to reach their life and relationship goals.

I am the Author of "Getting on My Last Nerve!:6 PEACE PLAN Strategies to Stop Arguing and Stay Married" and the creator of the signature relationship program: "Don't Break Up! Break Through".

I am the CEO of Brightlyou, LLC, a company that focuses on the wellness, empowerment, education and entertainment of women and CEO/Founder of Faith In God Family Restoration Corporation (FIG) a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is restoring communities, one family at a time through giving. 

I formed FIG to help families with their basic needs. Connecting with the families enabled me to build trust which made them comfortable enough to open up and ask for guidance about their relationship issues.


For the past seven years, I have helped dozens of women with their communication issues in relationships to change their perceptions and identify the lessons coming out of disagreements/ arguments with their significant other. 


I have firsthand experience with communication issues in my own marriage of 12 spicy years. I used my marriage experience combined with all of my skills in leadership, fitness, managing information and strategizing to develop a plan for better communication that will keep the focus on love during disagreements.


The Journey Towards Peace and Happiness in Your Relationship Begins on the Path of Loving Communication. Begin Your Journey Today.

Amazon Bestselling Author



“Getting on My Last Nerve!: 6 PEACE PLAN Strategies to Stop Arguing and Stay Married”


Stop arguing and stay married


Do you want to have a blissful marriage where you can communicate without arguing? If you are feeling like every argument is going to end in divorce, then you need to read this book.


“Getting on My Last Nerve!: 6 PEACE PLAN Strategies to Stop Arguing and Stay Married” is a remedy for helping married women repair and prevent the damage caused by arguing with their spouse. It will help you to expose and demolish the inner workings of miscommunication and misunderstandings that are the building blocks for the house of disaster. 


It reveals the strategies that Lucress discovered while being married for twelve spicy years and working with women who wanted to maintain peace, feel loved and continue to be married after having a tumultuous disagreement with their spouse. In this book, Lucress Irizarry teaches you:

  • How to stop speaking to your spouse like they deserve the “Jacka$$ of the Year” award

  • What to do when your blood begins to boil

  • How to apply the PEACE PLAN to de-escalate and prevent an argument

  • How to plunk your pride which is fuel for all arguments

  • How to identify your hidden expectations for your spouse

  • The strategy for stopping an argument before it begins

  • And much, much, more...


Get “Getting on My Last Nerve!: 6 PEACE PLAN Strategies to Stop Arguing and Stay Married” today to learn the strategies that will help to prevent the next argument from leading to divorce court.

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